Meet our team

Our Team is a collaborative force. Comprised of seasoned professional painters, tested and proven project superintendents and a spirited client-focused service manager, we go beyond the paint.

  • Manley Beasley

    Joshuah Ellis

    President and Founder

    Joshuah is a rare Colorado native! He studied Economics at the University of Colorado and completed a Master of Divinity through Fuller Seminary. He has broad interests in entrepreneurship, the arts and humanities, and cultural development, but at his heart he is a shepherd of people and desires to serve others well.

    He started Joshuah Painting with a vision to transform the paint industry from one that lacks integrity to one that is built on professionalism. He says, "My goal is to reconstruct residential painting from a transactional process to a relational one between paint professionals and eager clients."

    He is married to an educator and the proud parent of 3 wonderful and active boys. When not leading Joshuah Painting, you will either find him with a book in his hand or outside, usually in the mountains or on the soccer pitch with his family.

  • Manley Beasley

    Kristopher Orr

    Marketing and Design

    After Kristopher earned his Bachelor’s of Arts in Art from Belhaven College, he apprenticed under the famous artist Thomas Blackshear. From Thomas, Kristopher developed a sense of the way shapes, lines, and forms interact and press into space to shape stories. Those stories reach their greatest potential when crafted in phileo love for one’s audience.

    Kristopher is an award winning Art Director at WaterBrook Multnomah. He has had the privilege of working with authors such as Tim Tebow, Katie Davis Majors, Nick Vujicic, Erwin Raphael McManus, Jeffrey Overstreet, Lori Benton, and many others. Kristopher excels at finding the core idea and figuring out a creative way to say that visually to a specific audience.

    Kristopher greatly enjoys the deep thoughts and heart stirrings that come with experiencing art with his wife. When not engaged in aesthetics, Kristopher can be found exploring Colorado with his family. Learn more at

  • Manley Beasley

    Our Crews

    Painting Professionals

    ​ The backbone of our operation is our high quality paint professionals. By the time one of our crews shows up to your home, they will have undergone a thorough background check, have become experts in The Joshuah Way, will have passed our Test of Qualification (a rigorous examination of past work and painting knowledge), and are eager to make your home sing with new color!

    A servants heart is required to work at Joshuah Painting. When you are interacting with one of our paint crews you will be working with the best of the best, men and women who take great pride in their craft, and members of a team who are diligent in serving the needs of you and your family.

Our story

The Joshuah Way

There is a purpose behind everything we do: Who we hire, what paint products we use, how we communicate. When we first set out to launch a new paint company we met with a consultant to share our vision. His response is one we'll never forget. After hearing us passionately detail what will make Joshuah Painting unique, he quipped, "Wow, that sounds like you're taking it too far...don't you know you could make more money if you skip some of those steps?" Our response was simple, "But that's not the Joshuah way, we'll do things differently." Needless to say, that was his last day as a consultant for us.

What emerged from that conversation was a realization that we'll be known for doing things our way, the right way, The Joshuah Way.

The Joshuah Way has become our credo. It's what we instill in every employee and associate of Joshuah Painting.

  • The Joshuah Way is a commitment to integrity.
  • The Joshuah Way is a commitment to professionalism and an unwavering Code of Conduct.
  • The Joshuah Way is a commitment to thorough prep before paint is ever applied.
  • The Joshuah Way is a commitment to hiring the best employees possible and then investing in their career and life success.
  • The Joshuah Way is a relational approach to business.
  • The Joshuah Way is passion for people and their dreams.
  • The Joshuah Way is a commitment to environmental safety and responsible and ethical use and disposal of paint products.
  • The Joshuah Way is an industry leading warranty.
  • The Joshuah Way is serving others.
  • The Joshuah Way is about you and meeting your needs.

We're not your typical paint company. We're better on purpose!

Paint your future.
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